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Preparing for Your Surgery

A Staff member from Center for Advanced Surgery may call you to go over questions regarding current or past medical conditions, allergies, and any medications/supplements you are taking.

The Center for Advanced Surgery staff will also call you regarding your financial responsibilities.

Your doctor or the nurse will instruct you as to what time you are to stop eating and drinking prior to surgery. This includes water and chewing gum. Be sure to follow these instructions completely to avoid having your surgery canceled.

Please no use of Tobacco products 24 hours prior to your procedure.

If you take medications for any condition, ask your doctor and/or the surgery center’s nurse whether to take it the day of surgery.

For women, if there is any possibility that you are pregnant, please notify your doctors and nurses immediately.

Leave all valuables at home including watches, rings, jewelry, and cash. The center is not responsible for lost and damaged items.

Please arrange for a loved one/responsible adult to stay with you in the vicinity during your visit here at the Center as well as drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours after your surgery. You will not be allowed to drive yourself home or leave in any transportation for hire by yourself. (Taxi, Uber, Lyft, Bus)

If you have any questions regarding your transportation to and from your procedure, please contact us as soon as possible once you are scheduled.

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Day of Surgery

Bathe or shower and remove all makeup. Do not apply lotions or oil after bathing.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and shoes.

Arrive promptly at the time instructed. This will allow adequate time for all necessary admission procedures.

The responsible adult/loved one accompanying you will need to be present at check in/registration and will need to provide a valid cell phone number.

Be sure to bring any paperwork your doctor gave you such as consents, test results or your medical history, list of medications you are taking, as well as crutches, splints, braces, and walkers you have received.

Upon arrival, you will change into a gown and socks which we will provide. You will be asked to remove contact lenses, dentures, and any prosthesis.

Anesthesia personnel will meet with you to discuss your anesthesia and answer any questions you may have.

In Recovery Room

After surgery, you will be moved to the Recovery Area where you will be closely monitored until you are ready to go home.

When you are awake, your family and/or friend may be able to join you. Although the times may vary, most patients are discharged 15 minutes to 1 hour after surgery.

It is perfectly normal to feel discomfort around your surgery. You may also feel drowsy or dizzy depending on the kind of anesthesia you received.

At Home After Surgery

Your surgeon will provide specific instructions for your care while recovering at home. Please follow these discharge instructions. In the event of difficulty, please call your surgeon.

For the first 24 hours following surgery, do not engage in strenuous activities, do not drink alcoholic beverages, drive, operate machinery, or make any critical decisions.

A nurse will call you within 24 – 48 hours to evaluate how you are recovering at home.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire about the care you received. The is our facility Report Card. Please complete this survey as your comments will enable us to continue to improve our service.

3821 Commercial Center Drive
Ladson, SC 29456
(843) 628.5695